Active Traffic Management Pty Ltd can trace its heritage back to the earliest days of professional traffic management in road maintenance Melbourne Victoria, and Australia for that matter with several of our senior people providing this service on the City Link project in the early 1990s.

As risk management specialists, our performance systems are designed to implement and maintain a safe working environment in any traffic situation, prioritising the protection of your staff and customers, our staff, and any members of the public who go about their business in the proximity of the work area. Every day on every job we prepare a written Job Safety Analysis to identify and plan for immediate risks, and those that are likely to arise as the job progresses.

Our commitment to safety in traffic management and road maintenance can also be gauged by our long involvement in the appropriate industry and government safety committees, going back many years. Our continued active participation in the Traffic Management Industry Association of Victoria and our ongoing involvement with the Government Reference Group on Workplace safety in this and related industries displays the seriousness with which we view our role in this area.


‘Leading Solutions for Traffic Management’