Traffic Risk Management is a dangerous business and it is best left to the experts. Our years of experience, our understanding of the rules and regulations and our risk management and safety processes give you the security to outsource this function to us. As compliance gets more complex, and insurance premiums rise, it makes more sense for you to concentrate on your business, and outsource these responsibilities to us. Our OH&S Procedures and Practice Manual is designed to fully comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Vic ) 2004, and OHS Regulations 2017.

Active Traffic Management Melbourne has also designed and adapted several instruments, both generic and original to maximise safety and minimise work-site risk. These include:

  • Toolbox meetings and equipment checks before commencing work on a new site
  • Daily Vehicle inspection Reports
  • Daily Signage Diary
  • Completion of Job Safety Analysis or its equivalent before each new task
  • Monitoring of any incidents through the formal Incident/Accident Reports


At the organisation level we manage basic and refresher training requirements compliance processes, insurance issues and equipment needs. We take a highly proactive approach to safety and traffic risk management in the traffic environment, as evidenced by our long time participation in industry and government safety committees.

All of our people commit in writing to our ‘Workplace Health and Safety Protocol’, which binds them to best practice performance in the following areas, as a minimum:

  • Compulsory use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • All proper licences and permits
  • Zero drug and alcohol readings
  • Empowerment to close down a site if it becomes dangerous
  • Correct work-site set up and pack up
  • Management of all stakeholders affected by the work, the customers, employees, Active’s employees, motorists, pedestrians, authorities, members of the public, etc.

‘Leading Solutions for Traffic Management’